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Unfortunately, so many giant media companies have commoditized advertising and are simply “renting space.” This product/price approach often results in a failure to grow revenue and a failure to yield a return on your advertising investment. Insist upon a performance partner.

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For approximately the same price as you could “rent space” or advertise on billboards, radio, tv, magazines, or direct mail, Whistler’s 6-step proven process can provide your company a turnkey solution to grow revenue.

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At Whistler, our mission is to improve the lives of the people we serve by helping them grow revenue. Develop new customers for immediate revenue growth. But more importantly, cultivate lifetime relationships for sustainable revenue growth.



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Build Community Awareness

Do customers know about you?

Advertise on Whistler Media Group’s Oklahoma billboard network. Over 300 traditional, digital and tri-vision billboards to choose from between Oklahoma City, Tulsa and surrounding areas. Call us today for availability on outdoor advertising in the Tulsa Metro or Oklahoma City Metro areas.


Reach Ready-to-buy customers

Do you outrank your competitors?

When you “Google” something as a consumer, do you have active needs or wants? Are you ready to make a purchasing decision? Outrank your competitors on Google and reach ready-to-buy customers. Great SEO & SEM = More Customers!

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How do you build intent-to-buy or intent to be your customer?

Why would a customer choose you? How are you significantly different? How do you improve the lives of the people you serve? Whistler’s professional copywriting can help you consistently generate new customer leads.


Convert New Customers

How many new customers do you convert from your site?

Would you characterize your website as a meaningless commodity brochure, or a new customer acquisition vehicle? Do customers bounce in and out of your website, or do they end the buying pattern with you? Consistently convert new customers with Whistler’s proven web strategies.

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whistler media group - tulsa, oklahoma


Convert New Customers

Do you have a system, training, or accountability?

Based on your company’s telephone experience, what percentage of your new customer leads gets converted into appointments? How do you know? Have you ever provided your staff with professional conversion training? Is performance transparent and accountable?


Convert New Customers

What is your conversion ratio?

Do your point-of-sale communications answer:
· Why would I want to be your customer?
· How do you improve customers lives?
· Are you building high trust?

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Convert New Customers

How bad do you want their business?

After the initial contact, do you see new customer leads all the way through to completion? Build high trust and convert more customers by following through with competitive advantage and benefit communications?


Repeat Business & Referrals

Can you build meaningful relationships without ongoing communication?

Do you think of customers as one-time transactions or lifetime relationships? After the sale, service, or treatment do customers ever hear from you again? Drive repeat business and referrals with ongoing customer communication utilizing Whistlers’ proven send-out-card campaign.

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Measure & Improve Performance

Can you improve what you don’t measure?

Make monthly improvement decisions from performance data rather than “feelings”.